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This Hard Soda is Is Designed to Taste Like Freshly Pressed Juice

Hard Frescos' is producing a hard soda that is inspired by the freshly pressed juices commonly sold in Mexico. While summer may be over, it is never too late to enjoy a fruity alcoholic beverage. These boozy sodas are the perfect way to enjoy a sweet drink with an added alcoholic kick.

The new hard soda collection features four distinct flavors. Each is designed to resemble the taste of Mexico's traditional juices. The soft drinks are made from natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced. The drinks are brewed using a traditional fermentation process, which gives them a well-balanced flavor profile. Each soda is free from artificial ingredients such as sulfites, preservatives and chemical sweeteners.

The boozy Mexican sodas are now available at all Whole Foods locations throughout Southern California.

Source: TrendHunter


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