Santa Anita Race Track is the Backdrop for LA Weekly Brunch at the Races

ARCADIA, CALIF. – Tasty treats, alcohol and delicious samples of what LA food and beverage vendors have to offer,  LA Weekly hosted a Brunch at the Races at the Santa Anita Race Track from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. this past Sunday. It featured over 30 of LA’s best brunch spots, including; Semi Sweet Bakery, Status Kuo, Cassell’s Hamburgers, Poppy Cake Baking Company, Olive & Thyme, Go Get Em Tiger, Myke’s yCafe, Superba Food + Bread, Auntie Em’s Kitchen, Goldie’s, Abigaile, Sweet Butter Kitchen, The Blue Owl, Sticky Rice, Nickel Diner, Sonny’s Hideaway, Beachwood Cafe, Poppy + Rose, Du-Par’s, Flores + Sons, Jones Coffee Roasters, McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams, Little Dom’s, 10e Restaurant, Fred 62, Cindy’s Eagle Rock Restaurant, Bierbeisl Imbiss, Chago Ahogadas and Gohan by Johnny Lee.

Although there were many vendors that offered a wide variety of food tasting, brewery, hard liquor, pastries and even hand crafted jewelry. There were certain vendors that were unforgettable to many of the attendees at the event.

Hard Frescos took the crowd by a storm. It is located and founded in Santa Barbara, California. It is a hard soda, and its brewing process is created like a beer but at the end of the brewing they add carbonation to create a crisp sensation to all of their beverages; all of the flavors are 100 percent natural. Grace Stearns, sister to the owner of Hard Frescos, said that the flavor Juicy Jamaica has a delightful taste for most people...

“It’s flavor of hibiscus leaves a bubbly refreshing sensation to the tongue. It’s almost like a wine spritzer.”


The 100 percent natural and gluten-free beverage left people wanting more.

Another vendor, Cassell’s, located on 6th and Normandie in Los Angeles, left a lasting impression to the attendees. Especially since the associates and owner passionately spoke about the history and development of Cassell’s Diner. Now they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and all burgers are served completely fresh. “The food ethos remains the same as they grind whole chops from Colorado every morning, cooked on the original broiler that was built in 1947,” says Christian Page, now one of the owners of Cassell’s. Serving one of their delicious samples of their hamburgers, the freshness and quality of taste did not go un-noticed.

If burgers or a hard soda don’t appeal to your taste buds, a delicious dessert might do the trick. McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams catered to hundreds of people Sunday, serving their most popular delicious thick salted caramel chip flavor. McConnell’s Ice Creams is located in downtown L.A. at the Grand and Central Market Place. Angelique Wilcox, one of the employees of McConnell’s Ice Creams said, “We have the highest milk fat ratio on the entire planet which makes our ice cream really thick, also it’s made from natural ingredients using cage-free egg from the farms that we have,” said Wilcox, “It’s really the best ice cream that you could possibly get; it’s just the milk, eggs, and the cream that makes up our ingredients.” McConnell’s Ice Creams are sweet; and melted into the quality of natural ingredients from their fluffy thick textured ice cream.

One thing noticed from that event was that it not only had food and beverage tasting but it also had vendors that showcased art and hand crafted jewelry. A particular vendor that appealed to the interest of the attendees was the ONYX XOXO custom fashion jewelry display. Owner Danielle Carter said they offer “custom leather ear cuffs made with 14K gold stone, which includes our earrings, rings, and our hats,” said owner Danielle Carter. ONYX XOXO is located in Los Angeles. Although they do not have a store location yet, their website is where you can choose from a variety of handmade beautifully crafted jewelry.

Ultimately, this event had a wide diversity of what LA’s best has to offer. Although it was a hot, humid day, the vendors kept the audience engaged putting on a good show for the attendees. Well done to all of the vendors from the event.

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