Hard Frescos Tangy Tamarindo® gets top 3 hard soda by Allrecipes.com!

Boozy sodas are blowing up. Ever since Not Your Father’s Root Beer bubbled onto the scene last year with its hard version of the classic pop, many others have followed, including a batch of hard frescos that contain real fruit juice and 5 percent alcohol. Here are eight that we tried during a recent tasting panel at the Allrecipes HQ in downtown Seattle.

Hard Frescos: Tangy Tamarindo

The details: Mexican tamarind fruit and a splash of apple fuel this juice-driven drink. That distinctive fruit grows in pods that look a little like peanut shells, and they have an almost savory flavor. For centuries, tamarind has been used for medicinal purposes, settling stomachs and cooling fevers. Tasters, in fact, said it tasted like cough syrup and gummy candy, while others sang its praises: “Very unique!” “Balanced, juicy.”

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